Did You Know

You are what you drink…

Our office recently attended the Southwest Dental Conference and one of the lectures we listened to discussed the acidity or pH of different beverages.

As we treat patients in our practice, one of the common dental concerns we hear is “my teeth are sensitive to cold”. Although there are many things that can cause hypersensitivity to cold, it’s important to look at what we are all drinking on a daily basis.

Exposure to acidic beverages not only can cause decay, but tooth erosion as well. So, how “smart” is the beverage you drink? We’ve listed some common acids here with a pH comparison to the common beverages on the market. The lower the pH reading, the more acidic the beverage;
with a goal of around 7, which is a neutral pH.

Cheers to all our patients, and for making good, healthy choices.


Gleaton Family Dentistry

Beverages and Acid Comparison pH
Stomach (hydrochloric acid) .5
Battery (sulfuric acid) 1
Coke 2.8
Hawaiian Punch 2.82
Dr. Pepper 2.92
Dansani Plus 3.04
Pepsi 3.2
Mountain Dew 3.22
Red Bull 3.2
Diet Coke 3.39
Diet Dr Pepper 3.41
Gatorade G2 3.5
Sprite 3.5
Propel Fitness Water 3.6
Snapple Red Tea 3.67
Diet 7Up 3.67
Lemonade 3.8
Alive Wellness Water by Aquafina 3.24
Vitamin Water 3.34
Vital Lifestyle Water 3.72
Odwalla Orange Juice 4.2
Shiraz Red Wine 4.05
Barq’s Root Beer 4.61
Aquafina 5.35
Starbucks Coffee 5.5
Perrier 5.53
Crystal Geyser Sparkling Water 5.72
Arrowhead Spring Water 7.42
Evian 7.64
Fiji 7.6
Arlington Tap Water 8.2